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Dynamic Basketball Happy Me Show

  The spring breeze of March has just blown over the earth,and the chill of late winter has quietly dissipated.At 15:30 on March 29th,the first basketball friendly match between Anhui Canbang Electric and Hefei Hengcheng Intelligent in 2019 kicked off.Company leaders and all employees personally attended the match to cheer on the athletes from both sides.


  The players on the field were full of energy,fighting hard,and showcasing their skills in attacking,defending,steals,and shooting.They played with speed and passion on the field,and their exciting shots received applause and cheers one after another.Throughout the game,the team members of both sides played in the spirit of"friendship first,competition second",adding a strong harmonious atmosphere to the intense competition.


  (Players from both sides are fighting hard and hard to distinguish)


  (Handsome player shooting)

  After more than an hour of exciting competition,the Hengcheng Intelligent Basketball Team ultimately won the championship of this basketball game.


  (The champion team presents prizes and certificates)

  At this point,the friendly match has come to a successful end.This friendly basketball game not only showcases the sportsmanship of the team members,but also enhances the friendship between employees and further demonstrates the spirit of Canbang people's courage to fight.


  (Group photo of all participating athletes after the competition)

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