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Canbang Electric makes its debut at the 2019 Ukraine International Solar Energy Exhibition

  On April 9,2019,SOLAR UKRAINE was held in Kiev.This exhibition has been jointly held since 1997 and has received UFI certification from the International Exhibition Union.It has received strong support from the Ukrainian government,former Russian Federation countries,and European countries led by Germany.It is held annually and is the largest professional exhibition on electricity in Ukraine.

  Canbang Electric,with its own brand of DC combiner boxes,made its debut at this exhibition.It is the only professional manufacturer of photovoltaic combiner boxes and a solution provider with practical solutions for 5GW projects throughout the entire exhibition.


  The DC1500V DC combiner box exhibited by Canbang Electric this time has fault identification function,high current sampling progress,and is not affected by temperature and power supply voltage.It adopts RS485/MODBUS-RYU serial communication,and can upload local monitoring parameters to the upper computer.

  The company's product configurations are flexible and diverse,with beautiful designs and exquisite craftsmanship,attracting the attention of many visitors at the exhibition site.Three customers signed intention to purchase agreements at the exhibition site.Due to the large number of visitors to the booth,local media interviews were attracted.


  Mr.Yang,the head of Canbang Electric's office in Ukraine,introduced to the reporter:

  As an emerging photovoltaic market,Ukraine has a free trade system,fast market access,and a good investment environment.Canbang Electric has great confidence in exploring the Ukrainian photovoltaic market and is more willing to bring high-quality and reliable Canbang Electric photovoltaic solution products into the Ukrainian photovoltaic market,lighting up life with sunlight,and making human life better with green energy!


  After the exhibition,General Manager Liu of Canbang Electric and all team members from Ukraine conducted door-to-door visits to government agencies,industry associations,distributors,and end customers in key cities and regions such as Kiev and Odessa to consolidate the exhibition results.At present,Canbang Electric has accumulated many potential customers for municipal photovoltaic engineering projects in Ukraine,1KW-10KW off grid system for household use,1MW-5MW distributed power station projects,and 20MW-100MW national level projects.

  Since the establishment of the Ministry of International Trade in 2017,Canbang Electric has taken advantage of its product technology advantages and rich domestic photovoltaic electrical system supply experience to thoroughly implement the party and the country's"the Belt and Road"and"going out"strategies.It has successively participated in the Indian Photovoltaic Exhibition,Thailand Photovoltaic Exhibition,and Vietnam Photovoltaic Exhibition and has won considerable export orders.

  With the successful conclusion of the 2019 Ukraine International Solar Energy Exhibition,Canbang Electric is no longer limited to traditional foreign trade export models on its"going global"path.We have established branches,storage bases,and product exhibition halls in Ukraine.Through the strong promotion team of Canbang Electric,Canbang Electric will definitely leave a wonderful mark in the history of Ukraine's new energy structure transformation!

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