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The rise in oil prices stimulates the exploration industry's oil drilling equipment production

  The implementation of a series of industrial policies for furniture has received a positive response from a large number of waterproof enterprises.It has played a powerful role in adjusting the industrial structure,implementing macroeconomic regulation,promoting new waterproof materials,cracking down on counterfeit and shoddy products,standardizing the waterproof market,and promoting technological progress in the industry,leading to the healthy development of the industry in China Promotional effect.

  (1)The level of technological equipment in the industry has generally improved.The production line of modified asphalt waterproofing membrane with an annual production capacity of 5 million square meters is constantly increasing,and the longer vulcanization tank of EPDM waterproofing membrane with better performance has been put into operation.

  (2)The promotion and application of products have significantly increased,production technology has significantly improved,and product structure has significantly improved.SBS/APP modified asphalt waterproofing membranes,polymer waterproofing membranes,and mid to high-end waterproofing coatings have all continued to grow,with a significant increase in mid to high-end building sealing materials.

  (3)Breakthrough progress has been made in implementing policies to restrict the use of products and technologies.Standardizing the production and application of polyethylene polypropylene waterproof rolls,and timely developing and promoting environmentally friendly waterproof materials have achieved remarkable results.

  (4)The policy of prohibiting the use of products and technologies has been implemented to varying degrees and scopes.The regulations on the elimination of petroleum asphalt paper based asphalt felt production line with an annual capacity of 1 million coils,coal tar based waterproof coating and sealing materials have been well implemented,and the secondary forming polyethylene polypropylene fiber coiled material has basically withdrawn from the market.(5)New

  The research,development,and introduction of products and new technologies have achieved various results.The development of polymer waterproofing membrane adhesives and adhesive tapes,the production and application technology of fiberglass asphalt tiles and self-adhesive waterproofing membrane,and the research and development achievements of metal coils and metal tire coils provide more choices for waterproofing engineering.

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