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Canbang Electric Appears at the 2017 Shanghai Photovoltaic SNEC Exhibition

  The continuous technological progress and the continuous demand for clean and sustainable energy have made solar power a hot trend,expanding from Europe to the world.The Asian market,led by China,will experience significant growth.


  The internationally influential,specialized,and large-scale"2017 International Solar Energy Industry and Photovoltaic Engineering(Shanghai)Exhibition"(referred to as"SNEC 2017")was grandly held in Shanghai,China from April 19 to 21,2017.Canbang Electric,as a high-tech enterprise with professional photovoltaic combiner box production technology in Anhui,is invited to participate.


  The exhibition content of SNEC2017 includes:photovoltaic production equipment,materials,photovoltaic cells,combiner boxes,photovoltaic application products and components,as well as photovoltaic engineering and systems,covering all aspects of the photovoltaic industry chain.This year's exhibitors are expected to reach 1500,with an exhibition area of 150000 square meters.At that time,over 1 million professionals and over 5000 enterprises,including purchasers,suppliers,system integrators,etc.,will gather in Shanghai.


  The SNEC2017 conference has a variety of forms,rich content,and exciting content,covering all aspects of photovoltaic technology and manufacturing,including equipment/devices,materials,processes,manufacturing,integration,and emerging photovoltaic technologies and applications.It is to help you understand the future market trends,cooperative development strategies,national policy guidance,and cutting-edge technologies of the photovoltaic industry,and to provide you with the best opportunity to showcase the results to the industry.

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