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Parallel mesh box

Parallel network box

Parallel network box

Usage environment:Rated voltage:AC380V,rated current:32A~630AEnvironmental temperature:-25℃~+60℃Protection level:IP65Material:Cold rolled sheet,spray molded/stainless steelFunctional features:1.Wide capacity coverage:up to 300KW.2.Meets the requirements of the State

  Usage environment:

  Rated voltage:AC380V,rated current:32A~630A

  Environmental temperature:-25℃~+60℃

  Protection level:IP65

  Material:Cold rolled sheet,spray molded/stainless steel

  Functional features:

  1.Wide capacity coverage:up to 300KW.

  2.Meets the requirements of the State Grid,with convenient installation and beautiful appearance

  3.Optional inspection with voltage closing and voltage loss tripping functions.

  4.Optional RS485 communication interface

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